Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some info's from gaming world

F1 2011 Update:

Codemasters announced that F1 2011 has just turned into a "Gold Status" which means, game is already created and now it's just time to wait for it. Release date: September 20, (PC, X360, PS3)

PES 2012 Demo Update:

Konami decided to not release a first demo version of PES 2012 on Xbox 360, they are apologize for that, but we don't know what happened with that, but this is not a problem, there will be a second demo version but now from console version of the game (whatever, FIFA will be better again :P)

Diablo III Beta update:
Blizzard said that we are very near to start of Public beta test of one of the most expected game of all time, Diablo III.
Here you can check a minimum requirements to run a beta client of Diablo III:

Battlefield 3 Console Update:
On Xbox 360 and PS3, Battlefield 3 will be running on nearly HD resolution, precisly is 1280x704, which means there will be a black stripes on top and bottom of screen. I hope no one will play that game on consoles, It would be a wasting potential of that game.


  1. I used to prefer PES over Fifa, but after '10 it's changed

  2. a friend of mine is beta testing fifa 12...he said it is good...good...

  3. Diablo 3 is gonna be so freaking awsome...

  4. i feel like Diablo III is never coming out...

  5. Totally agree with the battlefield comment, PC is always the best way to have top spec graphics!

  6. going to buy the diablo 3 mouse and headset also!

  7. How are you feeling towards DIII? I just think it doesn't belong to the Diablo series, seems to color-y and "happy"...

  8. gonna be off da hizzle mah nizzle

  9. omg i can't wait for d3