Friday, September 30, 2011

Gaming world info's


The Open Beta has started for everyone yesterday (29.09.2011), all you need to do to download a game is a registration on ORIGIN platform, and select from shop - Battlefield 3 BETA position, It have some bugs and glitches (you can walk underground when crawling :P), but it's very good game still, I think it's some kind of release from 5 month ago :P You can play on two maps, Metro in Paris and Famous Caspain Border with 64 PLAYERS :) (But you need a password to servers with that map).

FIFA 12:

FIFA has been released on September 27, and what I can tell you, Is a huge improvement compared to FIFA 11 on PC.

F1 2011:

F1 is back, great game, very good ranks in magazines etc. average 8/10 :) Maybe not a lot has been changed but still, you can't get some random spins on track, in F1 2010 you could get a spin on track even on main straight when you didn't even move your wheel, that was anoying. Safety Car, DRS, KERS - that's a main improvements.


  1. cant play BF3 beta :(
    if update the drive, the other games gice error x(

  2. Got the beta already, it's awesome

  3. hate me but didnt liekd it T_T